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Everyone is aware of climate change. Many of us wonder what things will be like for our children and what we can do to make the world a better place for the next generation. What if you could engage skilled guidance in making large-scale property investments in your children's futures?

Through mindful construction planning, design, engineering, technology and building practices we can eliminate some of the grievous impacts of climate change and make our homes more comfortable, healthy, attractive and affordable. The US Departments of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, United Nations, Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Union of Concerned Scientists and dozens of organizations through deep research and countless studies have proven this is possible.

Our Homes can give back more to the environment
than they consume!
At Net Positive Realty we help educate and support buyers and sellers how to identify the need for and implement green practices in their properties. As advocates for environmentally sound structures, Net Positive Realty works with a circle of industry professionals including architects, planners, designers, engineers, inspectors, contractors, appraisers, lenders and public officials committed to improving energy efficiency and environmental standards in housing. As a company, we are dedicated to the principle that every home, old and new, is an opportunity to move beyond green, beyond Net Zero and into Net Positive resource consumption.

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