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Close your eyes. Think of Hawai’i. What is the first thing that comes to mind – the waves crashing against the shoreline, palm fronds melodiously swaying overhead, the fresh smell of salty air, or the abundance of juicy exotic fruits? These eco-characteristics and many others have made Hawai'i one of the most sought-after residential destinations of the last several decades, with no shortage of people desiring a Hawaiian lifestyle. The attributes that beckon visitors and new residents alike are what drives Net Positive Realty to help conserve island features and engage expert guidance in making property investments for you and your children's futures.

As a result of our ever-changing climate, real estate professionals now have a multitude of new sustainable options to choose from to make both new construction and renovated homes “green”. 

Households can verifiably produce more energy than they consume ...a phenomenon referred to as net positive. 


Beyond sustainable and Net Zero, a net positive household provides its occupants more opportunities to honor the planet, while enjoying the relaxed Hawaiian lifestyle. Keeping these factors front and center, a group of like-minded real estate professionals joined forces to bring Net Positive Realty to life. 

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